Chatelaines: History And Uses

What is a chatelaine?  A chatelaine is an elaborate clasp with multiple small chains dangling from it. Tiny useful items are attached to the bottom of each chain. A chatelain is traditionally hung from a belt and rides at the waist or hip, so the tools can be easily within reach whenever you need them.  History of chatelaines  Chatelaines have a long history, both as practical items and decorative accessories. The word chatelaine has French origins and was once used to refer to a woman who oversees a mansion, estate, or castle.

Have Fun With Rock Painting

If you are looking for a new hobby you can do on your own or with the whole family, then you may want to consider painting rocks. There has been a recent boom in the amount of people who are finding joy in painting rocks, as well as those who also decide to even hide them in public for others to randomly find. Whether you want to paint rocks to decorate your own home or garden with, or you want to give them away to spread that joy, you can even find many online groups to join where you can correspond with others enjoying this same hobby.

4 Features To Look For In Your First Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are very classic pens that comes with their own unique features and characteristics. They are not like other pens. Fountain pens can be refilled with ink and can be used again and again, making them a long-term investment.  #1 Size  The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the size of the pen. Fountain pens can be shorter or longer in length, and they can also have smaller or larger diameters.

Rustic Cabin Decor

Looking for ideas on decorating your rustic cabin? Here are some suggestions.  Furniture Some of the most important elements of your rustic cabin decor are the obvious bits like furniture. Chairs and tables of the right color and design can add greatly to the desired naturalistic style. Consider wooden tables and chairs with darker shades of brown and simple rather than elegant designs. For couches and beds, consider using "natural" colors like beige, light brown, light grey, or reddish brown.

Unique Ways To Display Framed Pictures

Picture frames are designed to showcase the photo within and make the finished product perfect for display. When you spend a lot of time having your most treasured moments placed in custom picture frames, you want to display them in unique ways that add appeal to your walls. Here are some unique ways to display framed pictures that help your photos stand out while adding appeal to your decor. Lighting